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Green Dharma: Interactive Q&A with David R. Loy and John Stanley

Two co-editors of A Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency (reviewed by Stephanie Kaza in our current issue) answer your questions about what individuals, organizations, and even nations can do to compassionately and effectively respond to the pressing need to take better care of our planet.

There is No Path to Peace, The Path is Peace

Thich Nhat Hanh says that only deep listening and gentle communication can remove the wrong perceptions that are the foundation of violence.

Are you practicing eco-mindfulness?

The Interdependence Project's Jerry Kolber shares practices that you can do to make our world a healthier place for all — and he wants to hear your suggestions, too.

Shambhala Sun Audio: Ethan Nichtern on "Green Dharma" (and more)

The founder of NYC's The Interdependence Project speaks about how his community is making a difference, and how you can too.

Why does the Shambhala Sun look like it does?

In a blogpost for Shambhala SunSpace, award-winning art director Liza Matthews takes you inside her process.

Inside the September issue:
A Shambhala Sun Audio preview

Melvin McLeod gives the Editor in Chief's point of view on the people and practices found in the new Shambhala Sun and in our related web-only exclusives.

Barry Boyce:
The Mindful Society Pages

Our highly sociable senior editor takes you to meet the fascinating folks who are bringing mindfulness and other contemplative disciplines into all areas of society.

Karen Maezen Miller:
The Laundry Line: Everyday Dharma

She calls herself an "errant mother, reluctant dog walker, expert laundress, and stationmaster of the full catastrophe." She left out "insightful, funny, moving writer."

Rod Meade Sperry:
From The Worst Horse's Mouth

The Shambhala Sun's web-editor and creator of looks at Buddhism — through the filter of pop-culture and media...
and back again.

John Tarrant:
Escape Arts In Delusionville

"Escape arts are moves that break out of the walls in the mind; they are often similar to the moves you make if you are interested in Zen koans, but the world teaches them to us."

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